Roulette is like an iconic game in casinos. If you had to visualise something related to casinos, 90% of chances would be that you thought of Roulette! Correct or not? Did you know that there are different types of Roulette Games? Well, for those who did not, this guide will bring to your screen the many adaptations known in the world. You might be amazed at the number that there is and the way they differ from traditional Roulette. Go comfy on your chair… or wherever you are and be exposed to the various variants of roulette. They promise some of the biggest adrenaline rushes!


Variants of Roulette:

  • European Roulette

The most famous of all roulette games! Do you even need a description for this one? Well, no problem, here it goes! European Roulette is played with a single zero pocket. It is the most acclaimed version as well as the spawning ground for add-ons like La Partage Rule or En Prison Rule. It is known to have a house edge of around 2.7%, making it one of the most rewarding roulette game. The types of bets on roulette remains unchanged on European Roulette.

  • French Roulette

“Bonjour Roulette!” That’s hello Roulette in French. Since we’re talking about French Roulette, bringing you into the feel might be nice! French Roulette does not differentiate much from European Roulette. The only thing different is the language… Bet areas go with French names Voisin Du Zero, Tiers Du Cylindre amongst others. Some French Roulette includes the La Partage Rule which awards you half your even bets if the winning number is zero! Want to try French Roulette? Oui, please!

  • American Roulette

A change in the European Roulette design gave birth to the American Roulette! Yes, one little change; there’s the addition of a double zero pocket. With the addition of this double zero, the numbers on roulette rises to 38. This variation is known as the second most popular type of roulette game. Yet many ask, why the need of adding another number pocket? Well, it is all about the house edge which is increased to 5.26%. It is still fun to play though… Don’t you think?

  • Double Bonus Spin Roulette

Take a look at one of the premium type of roulette games, Double Bonus Spin Roulette. This one sets the bar high, no doubt! How? By adding an extra Yellow Bonus Well! The wheel is that of an American Roulette. Wager and… swoosh! Spin the wheel. If the roulette ball ends up on the Bonus Well, you are usually awarded Free Roulette Spins. Don’t forget to check out the payouts of wins from Yellow Bonus Wells!

  • Live Roulette

Let the red carpet roll for this marvel of technology! Live Roulette is truly out of this world. It is actually a live-streamed roulette gameplay with live dealers, live players and… everything else that relates to Live games. All the gorgeous roulette variations mentioned are available in live versions. Go fancy this time and try Live Roulette. Who would have thought that the splendour of a roulette game will once be brought onto our devices’ screens?

That’s a nice list of top Roulette Games you have there! It would be a shame to let all those variations of Roulette unattended, don’t you think? There is only one place that you can have the deluxe variants of this table game onto your screen, including Live! Lucky VIP. From Realistic Roulette Games to Live Roulette Lobbies, live the splendour of roulette games on your screens! Hmmm… there are some tips and tricks available. Did you check those? After all, they are quite useful when you are trying some new variations of Roulette.