There is no doubt about that. Roulette is still a game shrouded in mystery. Uttering the word Roulette would instantly bring you in a vivid picture of a casino with players and dealers surrounding a spinning wheel. Each of them nervous wanting that the resulting number is theirs. But none of the players seems to worry about the game, its essence… its existence! Roulette is one of the oldest and most played games in the 21st Century. It will be totally worth looking back at its origins. Explore the roots of the Roulette Wheel and the game by checking out the full History Of Roulette.

HISTORY OF ROULETTE - Who invented the game of roulette?

Who Invented The Roulette Game?

  • A Failed Experiment Turned Into Success!

Yes, the Roulette history traces back to a failed experiment by French Physicist, Blaise Pascal. Poor Pascal… all he wanted to do is invent the machine in perpetual motion. His attempt failed but for the greater good! Little did he know that his experiment would give birth to what will be done as the most amazing casino game in the world! He is known as the Roulette inventor in the casino industry.

  • Roulette – Est 17th Century

Following the design created by Mr Pascal, Roulette became a game for gaming in the 17th Century. Where? In France, of course! Two brothers, known by the name Louis and Francois Blanc adjusted the design by adding a zero pocket. The version that they created is now known as European Roulette. The boys will join hands to open the cradle for the European Roulette, a casino. There, it will acquire immense popularity.

  • Roulette Flies Around The World

There are many theories about how the Roulette game happened to get to other parts of the world. One of the widest acknowledged accounts states that it was carried to America by French Immigrants during the 19th century. However, it was not quite well received there! The Americans believed that the house edge of European Roulette was too low. So, they decided to double it! Another zero pocket was added, and it was named American Roulette.

Despite that, American Casinos tried to lure gamblers in playing the game, players were often deterred by the high house edge. They could have won big, but they had equal chances of losing it all! As such, more and more casinos accepted single-zeroed wheel.

  • Immortalised On The Internet!

Let’s face it. For such a popular game to remain only at land-based casinos, it would have been quite unbelievable. With modernisation, casinos thought of the convenience of players. More and more people are getting connected to the internet. And now, the splendour of roulette has been brought onto the internet! The pioneers of online gaming are always innovating diverse variants for roulette. What started as a simple turning wheel is now known as Roulette, one of the most outstanding casino games on earth!

  • Live Roulette History

The first live dealer casino saw the light of day in 2006. It had a rough start because of lacklustre casino setups and poor streaming quality. You can’t say the same of the live games available now! All Live Dealer games available are of top-notch quality. The graphics are simply ace!Who do you think started the move? It was Evolution Gaming, the current market leader. Forget about the poor graphics and sound. This game provider offers an optimal view of the games. Numerous cameras are used to provide you with different views of the game and close up shots of the action.

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