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Hey you! Yes, you who are reading this! Did you know that online live roulette games reigns over Lucky VIP! It’s always one of the favourite spots of the fervent players. Yeah, yeah, yeah… you might be thinking but why?

Playing Roulette at Lucky VIP generates thrill and with its prodigal bets…A true delicacy! The cherry on the top is that there is a variation of this high roller wheel and with high-end selections come high responsibility. The responsibility to provide each one of you with some extra special information to pepper up your gameplay.

Keep an ear! To pull all the chances on your side, how about hopping on the well-executed list of categories which includes the Guide to play Roulette Online, History of Roulette, Online Roulette Tips and the Types of Roulette games. Awesome, right? On Lucky VIP Casino, there are different roulette games and to ease your whirling sessions on the wheels, get-to-know the rules and get to know them well. They are the foundation! Know the directions and you might be a step closer to some immersive entertainment. Do you agree?

What we have here is four sections that explores the world of Roulette online. Want to know more about the A B C of online roulette games? Read the Guide to play Roulette Online. For a brief of history on the game, Roulette History is the place to be! Enjoy browsing through the many types of Roulette games including online live French Roulette. To spice things up, there’s some tips that we want to share with you!


A Closer Look at the Tech Setup of Live Casino Games

Find out more about the technology behind live casino games. 


How to Play Live-Dealer Roulette Like a Pro

Learn some great strategies for playing live-dealer roulette online.


Which Live Roulette Game Should You Choose?

Read about live roulette at online casinos: which game suits you best?


Etiquette When Playing Live Casino Games Online

What’s the etiquette when playing live casino games online? Find out.



Such is the popularity of Roulette that it cannot have only one type! Have a glimpse at all the famous variations of Roulette and how they are amazing the way they are! Getting to know the types of Roulette games have never been so easy!



Knowing Roulette is good but knowing how to win is better! Check out some of the roulette tips and tricks to maximise your wins and minimise loses. You are only one click away from the ultimate guide to a successful Roulette round! Click, click click….



How did a simple physics experiment in the 18th Century become one of the most amusing casino game ever to be created? Explore the roots of the Roulette Wheel and the game by checking out the History Of Roulette.



The golden roulette wheel has been turned and the ball is ready to be hurled to determine the winning number. The moment is upon you, what will you do? Learn the A B C D of traditional roulette and its many variants.

All The Golden Knowledge About Online Roulette Is Here!

No need to browse around, UK’s top Casino site got you covered. All the juicy details are sealed behind the ‘’more’’ button and with just a knock on it you can collect the ‘’how to win tips’’. There’s a science behind roulette online and just imagine the combo of Roulette Rules + Tips and Strategies. Master the online roulette game for free! What’s the next step? Well. Let’s see! How about rewinding time? Get a dose of the roulette game history. It’s always interesting to discover the origin of a game and how it evolved over time. If you are a fan of Roulette, it should be no surprise for you that it was invented by Blaise Pascal. But it’s likely that many of its secrets remain unknown to you. Come on! Join along on Lucky VIP to uncover its stories.

To finish on a high note, you can rock the wheels of the various types of Roulette games. Did you know that there are three types of Roulette, namely European Roulette, French Roulette and American Roulette? Whether you are a seasoned player or a novice, these three major roulette variants and more are readily available at your fingertips. Click on more to find MORE! It’s worth the detour!