Slots games have always been associated with online casinos! Remember the several reels with various symbols and a lever on the right? All you had to do is pull to make them spin… Guess what, online slot games are no different! Well, you won’t be pulling the lever, but you will hit ‘SPIN’!

Forget about the days when you needed a plastic cup of change to play! Or, those long waiting times for your favourite slot to be free to play. Gone are those days! In today’s time, you are presented with the finest of designs and a series of topflight features that will make your gaming experience unequalled! All set to get a knack of the slot games?

For all those out there who have a hard time explaining the rules of slots or would like to know more about slots; we have here, something to help you! The ultimate slots guide! Here is everything that you need to know about the fantastic entertainment of the 21st Century!

online slots rules - Rules of Slots

Chapter One: Anatomy Of An Online Slot Machine

There is no harm in dissecting an online slot machine for better understanding! The elaborated diagram exposes the main features and options on the layout of a slot machine.

  • Symbols : The Symbol is the key to a slot machine! Symbols form combinations on the screen that award you wins. Certain bonus rounds depend on the combination that you obtained.
  • Reels : The reels are individual columns filled with Symbols.
  • Paylines : Paylines are used to determine the wins. Only matching symbols along a pay line are considered winning combinations. The number of active pay lines can be adjusted based on the slot.
  • Information : The information table allows you to check the pay table. Pay tables have everything that you need to know about the slot you are playing.
  • Bet : The Bet tab displays the amount of bet currently in play. It changes based on the lines, bet levels and stakes being placed per spin.
  • Level : Not all slot games include Bet Levels. Bet Levels are used to increase the stakes further.
  • Autoplay : Autoplay options allow the reels to spin automatically without interruption. The maximum number of spins varies from slot to slot. You can also choose the scenarios when the spins are to stop.
  • Spin Button : Click It! The reels will spin!
  • Coin Value :Using the plus and minus buttons, you can navigate through the given values for the stake. Stop it on the value that you deem convenient for you.
  • Coins : This shows the number of coins currently being played per spin. Some games allow you to play multiple coins per spin.
  • Total Win: If a spin results into a win, the total win of the round is displayed here!
  • Preferences: Using these options, you can set the volume, graphics or have the game provider’s information.

Chapter Two: What You Need To Do To Win At Slots?

Simply SPIN! Yes, player… you only need to click on the spin button and hope that you get a winning combination. Winning combinations can vary as per slot games but most of the time it is simple. If a minimum of three similar symbols appear along a pay line, it is declared a winning combination. Wins will be awarded based on the pay table. Amazing, isn’t it?

Chapter Three: All You Need To Know About The “Extras”

By extras, we mean the Bonuses! After all, bonuses always add to the fun and thrill of slot games! They come in various shapes and colours… and abilities! Most of these vary per slot game but a simple click onto the pay table will tell you which one stands for what! Did that make any sense? Here, have a better look at the Bonus Symbols and Rounds of slot games.

  • Wilds :A must if you ask Lucky VIP! Wilds can appear randomly on the reels. They usually substitute for any other symbol of the game. Certain Wilds cannot substitute for Scatters. Wilds can also help activate bonus games on certain games.
  • Expanding Wilds :They usually work the same way as standard Wilds. The only difference is that they expand to fill the entire reel. As such, you can have the wilds affecting more than one reel at a time.
  • Stacked Wilds :They come together! Standard wilds that come in bunches of 2 or more. As they end up stacking one on the other, they increase the chances of generating a win!
  • Scatters :Scatters are known to pay additional wins based on the stakes currently in the game. They might also help in the activation of bonus features and rounds.
  • Bonus Symbols :Bonus Symbols are exclusively used to activate Bonus Rounds. Some slots can include Scatters and Bonus Symbols at the same time.
  • Multiplier Symbols :The Multiplier Symbols are faithful to their name; they multiply the winnings! If comprised in a winning combination, the winnings are multiplied based on the level of multiplier it carries.
  • Free Spins Feature :This feature is also known as the Free Games feature. You are awarded Free Spins that can be played on the same set of reels or a bonus set of reels. Some slot games award a fixed number of Free Spins at the beginning of the feature. Other might offer Free Spins based on the number of Scatters or Bonus Symbols used in activating the feature.
  • Bonus Round :Everyone is up for some Bonus Rounds on their favourite Slot games. These can be triggered by obtaining the required number of bonus symbols. Slots usually come up with their own style of Bonus Game. Some popular examples are Pick Prizes Rounds. A little click on the displayed symbols will award you certain prizes. Others might include spinning a wheel of fortune. Some can go the extra mile of offering arcade games through bonus rounds.
  • Gamble Features :This feature is incredibly popular! Usually, it is an option that is found on the user interface tab. Once you’ve obtained a win, the Gamble Button starts pulsing! You will then be presented with a prediction game where correct guesses double the wins. Wrong ones will, obviously forfeit everything! Tense and thrilling at the same time, Gamble features are a great way to have the excitement on another level.
  • Jackpots :A jaw-dropping feature! When triggered, Jackpots award a high dosage of wins!
  • Progressive Jackpots :Not to be confused! Progressive Jackpots and Jackpots have a whole universe of difference. While Jackpots are set at a fixed value, Progressive Jackpots keep on increasing as players wager!

Chapter Four: The Technology Behind!

Random Number Generators are behind the winning probabilities of a slot machine. They decide which symbol will appear where! Yes, you read that right! RNG operates on an algorithm which makes it impossible to predict the results.

Hit Frequencies follow the trail of RNG. How? By determining how often will a slot game give out a winning combination. They are usually expressed in percentages. You can always check that out by checking the game’s information. After all, nothing is hidden from you!

Here we are, at the end of the ultimate guide of online slots. Wouldn’t it be on point if you can instantly have some slot games to check if the guide was right? Well, tune in Lucky VIP Casino. There are all sorts of slot games that will match your preferences. A click or a spin, it is always for entertainment at Lucky VIP.