It is the year 1887… or 1895. Well, some year between that range… Charles Augustus Fey opened his windows and welcomed the fresh air into the room. He heaved a sigh of relief and stared at his creation. He finally achieved what he saw only in sketches; the first ever slot machine, Liberty Bell.

It looked like a fancy metal box. There were three reels attached to a lever. Further down from the reel display was the pay table. He managed to offer an automatic payout mechanism along with symbols that reduced the complexity of reading. How did he do that? By using symbols on the reels. Hearts, Diamonds, Spades, Horseshoe and Liberty Bell were the chosen icons for the symbols.

History of Slot Machines
Liberty bell - the first slot machine

Liberty bell – the first slot machine

Fey felt greatly charmed by his innovation. So charmed that he forgot to apply for a patent. Fey was showered with fame! Little did he know that on the other side of the town, competitors began exploiting his design. They were imitating and trying to come up with something better. Soon in 1902, slot machines were banned in many states of America. Fans of slot games thought that this would be the end of the highly entertaining machine, but they were wrong! The ban was in vain, it did not discourage Fey and his competitors. The creation was still on track. Since money prizes could not be distributed, they decided to come up with another rewarding method. That was the dawn of fruits! Slot machines turned juicy, began using fruit symbols. Those who won pocketed their share of chewing gums based on the corresponding flavour. Hmmm, maybe people loved the cherry flavour back then…and maybe that’s why Cherries were in almost every slot game…

It wouldn’t be long for the iconic Bar Symbol to show up on the reels as well. In 1907, a competitor going by the name Herbert Hills produced a slot machine bearing the name Operator Bell. It’s logo? The Bar Symbol. In less than a year, his product could be noticed in almost all saloons, shops, bowling alleys and tobacconists. The slot contained the exclusive Bar Symbol and joined the cornucopia of fruit symbols.

Many years passed by and the good old slot machines remained purely mechanical…how sad! They were no pep onto the reels to add on to the luscious fiesta. A lever and little adjustments to the mechanism … that’s all. No more no less. Until…

The year 1964. The first electromechanical slot came into existence. It’s name? Money Honey and it was launched by Bally. The whole machine was operating via electricity. The iconic lever did not go. Apparently, the creators believed that too much of a change will kill the splendour of slots. So the lever remained for a while.

The first true video slot was developed in 1976 by Kearny Mesa California. It was named Fortune Coin and used a modified version of a Sony TV for display. The Fortune Coin Video Slot underwent stringent cheat-proof evaluations and modifications before getting approval by the Nevada State Gaming Commission. And where it ended? In the Las Vegas Strip, amidst huge popularity!

Jump to 1996 when WMS Industries released the first slot with a second screen bonus round. It was greatly acclaimed and not to mention that competitors were eager as well. Bonus rounds became a sensation along with numerous added symbols like Wilds. Video Slot games were on a rise before it all went online somewhere around that time.

We are now in 2018 and slot games are constantly facing new improvements, bonus rounds and everything that makes it more entertaining. Slots are no longer restricted to fruits. They are adopting themes and symbols that are becoming more theme-oriented. Maybe such slots would go obsolete one day and we would be facing high-tech ones! It is only a matter of time… a matter of innovation.

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