Delve into the studio atmosphere that MGS’ American Roulette offers! The game involves a double zero and the heel is split into 38 segments. Each of them comes with the same size and are coloured green, black or red. Enjoy American Roulette right from the comfort of your couch through any of your preferred device.

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Top Features on European Roulette and Betting Options

Load up the game and find the betting table on your screen. Start your gaming episode by choosing your chip value. Go for the various Inside or Outside Bets available on Roulette. Here they are in more details;

Inside Bets

Single – Wager on only one number. It pays 35-1.

Split – You wager on two neighbour numbers. It pays 17-1.

Street – A stake that covers a row of three numbers. Expect a pay-out of 11-1.

Corner – You wager on a “square” of numbers. Corner pays 8-1.

Six Line – This bet consists of 2 consecutive rows. It pays 5-1.

Top Line – This one covers 0, 00, 1, 2 and 3. Pays 6-1.

Outside Bets

Column Bets – You wager on a column that covers 12 numbers. It pays at 2-1 odds.

Dozen Bets – This bet will cover 12 consecutive numbers. The payout is also at 2-1.

Odd or Even Bets – Wager on all even or odd numbers of the game. Pays 1-1

Red or Black Bets – A stake on all red or black numbers. Expect a 1-1 payout as well.

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