Ho Ho Ho! It is THE moment of the year when treats are going gaga! And you are invited to pocket your share of the fantabulous goodies as well. This holiday season, make the most out of each and every day by claiming a dazzling bonus all the way until Christmas. That’s the magic of the Advent Calendar at Lucky VIP! Slide on your comfy gloves and relax as you open each socket of the calendar to reveal the very-merry rewards. Is this the moment you’ve been looking for? Let each passing day bring you something more magical!

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Advent Calendar at LVIP

Lucky VIP celebrates the holidays in splendour, for sure! The site has just refilled its stash of prizes for fervent casino enthusiasts and you are invited to check your socks for potential rewards. From exceptional treats to seasonal deals and offers, cherry-pick the best delights to make your Christmas even more magnificent! Hmmm… want to go for the Advent Calendar? Here’s what you need to do!

Follow the Promotion Banner on the Promotions page of Lucky VIP to access the offer. You will need to click the Read More button under the Advent Calendar to have a foretaste of the excitement! Now, once the Promo is on, you’ll be able to browse through the information. From potential prizes to the terms of the offer, everything is open for you! Go ahead and;

  • Click the “Unwrap Your Reward” Button to claim your reward.
  • Access the Advent Calendar and click on the highlighted dates
  • Grab your prize and come back the next day!

Hmmm… what prizes shall be exposed for the upcoming days. Let there be no room for mysteries… only goodies on the Advent Calendar!

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Saturday 1st – Tuesday 25th December 2018

How To Win

Go to the Advent Calendar every day