Good News!VIP Please! An entry into this private circle is your ticket to top privileges. Topflight advantages! Besides the feats of VIP treats that you can savour on Lucky VIP casino, there's a banquet of special giveaways. Among all! There’s a VIP Exclusive £5000 Monthly Draw! Yes, £5000, is it not awesome? Let’s share more to all. Each month, up to five players can win a share of £5000 Cash in a cash prize draw. If you’re Ruby, Emerald or Diamond level VIP feel free to join.

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Anyone who forms part of the VIP Club on Lucky VIP Casino is pampered with high distinction and we weigh our words. Perks come in a palette of sensational offers. Goodies that melt in the mouth and add to the gambling experience. Who would say no to some dose of perks that will boost your casino experience at its apogee! Come on guys! Is it not awesome?

How to Win?

It’s easy and simple! Here’s a step by step guide.

On Lucky VIP Casino (luckyvip.com), there’s the promotions tab that you can click anytime. Then, you’ll find a page that is wholly dedicated to the promotions. Great, right? Scroll and at the end, you’ll find the VIP Exclusive £5000 Monthly Draw! Click on ‘’READ MORE’’ or ‘’Opt-In’’ to get more info. Then, a page that is solely dedicated to this colossal promotion will come on the scene. This is where things get extra zesty! Every single detail and information you need is located there. The date it starts and ends, how to enter and which prizes you’ll win. All the ingredients are readily available and all you have to do is to follow the guidelines:

  1. Enter the cash draw by clicking on the OPT-IN button
  2. Deposit and wager £500 or even more on any game
  3. If you’ve been lucky enough to win, you’ll be contacted

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Every month

How To Win

Opt In, deposit & wager £500 or more on any game