Nothing might beat the excitement of hopping onto some latest trendy casino games. The rush of adrenaline and ecstasy combined when you win a round! Woah, truly unmatchable! Taking that into consideration, you choose one of the latest slots. Clearly, you see that you’ve got a little fund but as you try to play, it says “Insufficient Funds”. Wait, what?

According to customer service, you have zero real money and £5 bonus money. But you ask yourself, “What’s the difference?” There’s a whole of difference between these. We understand that you might have some important questions at the back of your mind, a little confusion! We are here to clarify it for you.

Real money casino bonus

What Is Real Money?

Real Money appears on your real balance and it is the money that you’ve deposited in your account. Usually, Real Money allows you to play all kinds of games that you wish to play. Winnings obtained using Real Money are credited onto your real balance.

How Can You Increase Your Real Money Balance?

By depositing! Real Money is the amount of funds that you’ve placed into the account or you’ve won. Head to your cashier and drop in additional funds to replenish your real money balance. You can also have Real Money by completing the wagering requirement of a certain bonus! Upon completion, the maximum convertible amount will be removed from the Bonus Wins and then credited in real.

Are Online Casinos Legal?

It’s a fact that there are some online casinos that are wandering around the web to trap vulnerable players yet, there are some genuine ones as well. But how will you know if one operates within legal parameters? Check out the “About” section of the casino. Genuine casinos are licensed by governing bodies like the United Kingdom Gambling Commission for UK based casinos. Information about the casino, company governing it and other relevant info. Well, if there is no About Section, that’s the red flag right there…

Are UK Casino Safe Online Casinos?

An interesting question that you have there player! It is good to ask such questions in an era where online casinos are literally popping from nowhere. There are loads of safe online casinos but there are fraudulent ones as well. A good way to know if a casino is safe and secure is to check the Secure Socket Layering. That’s the green lock icon next to the site’s name. When a site is under the effect of SSL, all information that you send to the site, including private ones, are not accessible to third parties. In addition, if a casino site is licensed and regulated, there are optimum chances that it is a genuine one.

Is Withdrawal Of Real Money Balance Possible?

Yes! Only the Real Money Balance can be withdrawn. It can be recommended to withdraw the funds when you’ve just had a conversion of bonus to real. That is because of the maximum withdrawable amount. For example, if £20 was converted and the maximum withdrawable amount is £20 and you play with those funds and generate £40, you will still be able to withdraw only £20. As such, it is better to take your funds out, deposit again and play!

What’s the difference between Real Money, Bonus Money and Bonus Wins?

Real Money is your money. You can use it to play on any game you wish to play. Bonus Money is… bonus money. It is awarded to you as part of a promotion. Usually, Bonus Money can be played on a certain range of selected games only. Bonus Money cannot be withdrawn.

Bonus Wins are funds generated from Bonus Money. When you obtain a win using bonus funds, the Bonus Money is replenished and the difference is credited to the Bonus Wins balance. Similar to Bonus Money, it cannot be withdrawn.

You can withdraw bonus money only by completing the wagering requirements. The funds will be converted and thus eligible for withdrawal.

We know that it might be a hassle to understand the terminologies of online casinos but it will totally be worth the while. After all, Lucky VIP will not only offer you entertainment.

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