The internet is literally filled to the brim with casino sites. Each one of them is bringing an assortment of bonuses for new players. It’s true. If the banners are bright and catchy enough, bonus deals can get plenty of attention. Bonuses might seem to be straight from a utopia, but they are indeed a reality! As a matter of fact, they are sensational enough to have a whole article written on them. Here is everything that you need to know about Welcome Bonuses!

What is welcome bonus? Casino welcome bonus explained

How To Claim A Welcome Bonus?

There is no big deal in claiming one. You simply need to deposit and poof! The bonuses are yours. Watch out for opt-ins though. Most casino sites will propose you with the Welcome Bonus. To claim it, you will have to opt-in by ticking a box or selecting the bonus in your cashier. Be sure to deposit an amount equal to or higher than the minimum eligible amount. Or else you won’t have your goodie!

Types Of Welcome Bonuses

Welcome Bonuses can come in different types. It depends on the casino site, which one they wish to feature. Yet, we’ve managed to reunite some of the most common types of Welcome Bonus. Here they are;

  • Bonus Cash: The most common type of Welcome Bonus is Bonus cash. You are awarded a certain amount of money based on the amount you’ve deposited. For example, if you decide to opt for a 100% Deposit Bonus, and deposit £100, you will end up having a total balance of £200 to play with! Isn’t that amazing?
  • Free Spins: Likewise, Free Spins are also a popular way of rewarding new players. Some deluxe casino sites prefer handing out Free Spins to first-time depositors. Now, how will they award Free Spins based on the amount you’ve deposited? It is simple. If an offer states that you are given 100% match in Free Spins, and you deposit £20, you will receive 20 Free Spins in your account.
  •  Bonus Cash & Free Spins: Yes, you can have a combo of these two as well! Yes, that is totally happening. You are awarded a percentage of your deposit amount as bonus cash plus 100 Free Spins. The Free Spins, however, will remain fixed and will not change depending on the amount you’ve deposited.

What You Need To Know About Welcome Bonuses

Like any other bonus prize, Welcome Bonuses carry terms and conditions. There will be a maximum amount of bonus that can be awarded to the player as well as a maximum amount that they can win. As such, it is good to read the terms to know all the relevant details about your freebies.

Bonuses Second To None!

Casino sites are always looking to become your favourite. They’ve got the bonuses, banners and ideas. Now. How are they going to win you over? By offering something extra that the others are not offering!

Following this idea, many casino sites came up with first, second and third deposit bonuses. For each of these deposits, you will earn a stupefying amount to carry on the casino gameplay. And once that’s over, it is the end of the Welcome Bonuses. It’s not over yet! That’s where the Promotions page comes into action. Feel pampered with the rewarding goodies set on their exclusive promo page.

Lucky VIP presents an awesome welcome bonus as well. Have another level of fun by registering an account and dropping your deposit for the first time. You will be dazzled to see your funds seeping in along with some extra rewards! Sounds awesome, isn’t it?