There is no denial in that Free Spins promos are always a plus in online gaming. There are definitely a number of ways to obtain some in your pockets. The most common of them is when you deposit or register at a casino site. While some prefer treating you fellas with merely 5 or 10 Free Spins, others decide to put the bar really high! 100 FREE Spins! Where are you going to play all of those Free Spins? On the slots, of course… but which one? Worry not folks, all your questions are brought to an end here. We bring you everything that you need to know about Free Spins Bonuses. Keep reading…

free spins casino bonuses

Where Do They Come From?

Free Spins come right from the casino! They use special software and technology to set up a game management that credits Free Spins. Since these are not given out in terms of money, you won’t see them on your balance. By visiting the range of selected games for Free Spins, you’ll be able to see the Free Spins.

How Are They Given To You?

There is no magic behind Free Spins, only generosity! Plenty of deluxe sites out giving out some to their fellow members. They are a great way to reward newbies for their registration or for their first deposits. The giveaways know no bound! Free Spins can even be won during exclusive promotions. Whether it be seasonal or by redeeming points, Free Spins are the perfect way to enjoy a trial on slots before you attempt it with real funds.

Where Can You Play Them?

Depends! On? The Casino site… They are the ones to choose on which games the Free Spins can be played. The sites often promote the eligible games on the banner of the Promotion that offers the Free Spins. Didn’t find it? Well, try a look at the Terms And Conditions. Not only will you have a look at the game you can play them on, but you can get your hands on some vital information!

My Free Spins Are Gone! Why?

Three reasons! One is that it’s expired! Yes, you read that right… even Free Spins can expire. If Free Spins have not been used prior to the expiration date, it is removed from your account.

The second reason could be that you hit the maximum number of winnings. You thought that you wouldn’t be awarded any wins when playing with Free Spins? That’s not the case. All wins are rewarded but to a certain amount. For instance, if you were given 10 Free Spins with a cap of £3 and you hit the £3 wins on your third Free Spins, the rest is voided. But don’t worry. That was just an example. Be sure to check out the Terms and Conditions to know the maximum win possible!

The third reason is quite simple; you’ve played it all!

Can Money From Free Spins Be Withdrawn?

Certainly! You can. However, most casinos will allow you to withdraw if you’ve deposited funds on to your account. Be sure to have a payment info on file so that you can withdraw your winnings. After all, where are you going to send the money if they do not know you have a card?

They Promised 100! I Got Only 20!

Rest assured player! There’s no trick here. It is just that the Free Spins are credited in batches of twenty. A quick way to share the fun on different days. Most of the time, you will get twenty Free Spins per day for the five consecutive days. Worry not, no one will be stealing your Free Spins…

There is no doubt that Free Spins are a nice bonus to have. A nice way to make you familiar with the casino life if you are new and deciding to deposit or not. If you’ve chosen a casino site and there are no Free Spins on registration, how sad is that? Here, on Lucky VIP, there’s always a treat for you. Have a peek at the Promotions page! We never know, some Free Spins might come on the scene! Keep your eyes open…