One game that you will find in any land-based or online casinos is definitely blackjack. Truly, it needs no introduction! Thanks to the popularity of the different types of blackjack games to play. It is for this very reason that there was an increase in blackjack variations over the years. Some have thrived in making an impact and others have become ever more popular.  Lucky VIP Casino, your next favourite stop presents a list of online blackjack variations that will bring you a first-rate gaming experience.

Ready for the grand slam? Wait up! You will note that the rules of the game are quite similar. However, there are still a number of subtle differences that set the variations apart. Read on to soak in the blackjack feel!

types of BlackJack games , blackjack variations

Classic Blackjack

One of the most popular and favoured types of blackjack you’ll find online is deffo the classic Blackjack! Why? Because it is the first adaptation that everyone is fond of! Unlatch the wins by creating a hand that comes as close as possible to the number 21. But, keep in mind not to go over 21! Any idea what happens then? Well, you lose. Lucky VIP Casino offers some classic Blackjack games like Blackjack, Blackjack – Realistic and Blackjack Classic.
Netent BlackJack

European Blackjack

Make some noise for this sizzling sensation! European Blackjack spreads the excitement in almost every aspect of the traditional game. There are no major differences between the two. Except for two elements; there is no hole card and European Blackjack uses up to eight decks of cards. It is truly amazing to have some rounds of European Blackjack once in a while. After all, change is always fun! Say yes to the little change for a better feel!

Double Exposure Blackjack

No need to get to the boulevards of Las Vegas to play this incredible variation. Double Exposure Blackjack places the bar high. Use any device of your choice and let the gaming fun rise to an unmatchable height! You will get to feel the difference with the Push Option that exclusively on Double Exposure Blackjack. Nothing to worry about! If you go with the push, and both the Dealer and the player win a Blackjack, you will win the round!

Blackjack Perfect Pairs

One of the most terrific and acclaimed variants of Blackjack remains the Blackjack Perfect Pairs. Make some way to go for the Perfect Pairs Side Bet only found on this widely played card game. If you manage to get a pair on your first two cards, pocket your share of wins! Awesome right? There is a reason why this thrilling adaptation is highly entertaining and is one of the best blackjack game at Lucky VIP.

Live Blackjack

Live Blackjack is known as the most convenient way to bask in your favourite game of Blackjack without the need of travelling to an actual land-based casino! Let your senses be thrilled with the wide collection of Live games available on Lucky VIP Casino. The Live Blackjack game is streamed live and is packed with the traditional moves of Blackjack. Of course, live blackjack online games comes with the classic types of bets in blackjack. Chat options, high-quality visuals and blackjack, what do you need more for an immersive gameplay?

What Is The Difference Between Online And Live Casino?

Hmmm… Now we’re talking! You had a view of the variations of Blackjack. However, did you know that Live Blackjack and Online Blackjack are different? Classic Blackjack, European Blackjack, Blackjack Perfect Pairs and Double Exposure Blackjack are the standard version of online blackjack and they completely differ from Live Blackjack. How? Let’s check it out!

Online Blackjack offers a single player gameplay. The cards that are dealt with are the result of a random number generator. Variations of Online Blackjack operate solely on computer-based software. All outcomes are due to this software and there is no real dealer at the end… You are provided with all Blackjack moves and you play against a computer.

Live Casinos have got living-breathing dealers. The cards that are dealt are drawn from a shuffled deck… and the results are pure luck! The gameplay is streamed live and the charming dealer (wink eye) is the one handling the table. Live Casinos offer all Blackjack options and a chat option as well… And it’s not only to say Hi to the dealer. You can chat with other players as well. Popular game providers like Evolution Gaming and NetEnt are the pioneers of Live Casino Games. Suit yourself to try some of their creations!

Yes, punter! All of the best live blackjack online variants are mere clicks away! Which of these Blackjack Games are you going to try this time? There is only one place that you can have all of them onto your screen; Lucky VIP! Be all set and ready to explore the diverse gameplay and know the amazing art of Blackjack…