Let’s face it! We’re all trying to get our hands on some of the best tricks to win at Blackjack. Some players are busy scanning the internet for the most practical blackjack strategy while others seem to have it naturally up their sleeves! Blackjack is growing in popularity and we can expect to have tons of strategies out there that look fool-proof. Which one to consider? Well, we bring to you only the most rewarding Blackjack Tips and Strategies to maximise your wins and to minimise your losses.

BlackJack Tips

Blackjack Tips and Tricks:

Blackjack Tip One: Moderation Is Key

Don’t remain in the illusion that if you keep on wagering, you might win at a point. There are thousands that believe this yet, Blackjack is a game of skill and LUCK. At some point, you might require your card counting skills. But in the end, the crucial aspect remains luck. Losing too much in an act of haste might make you despise Blackjack. We wouldn’t want you to feel that! No blackjack strategy will be able to refund your losses.

As such, to minimise any loses, it is good to consider Blackjack in moderation.

4 Aces, Play Moderately - BlackJack Tips

Blackjack Tip Two: All It Takes Is Basic Logic

Visualise that you have a total score of 20. You wouldn’t want to hit on that, would you? It is good to have a grasp of the basic moves of Blackjack before playing. It might prevent you from doing silly things. To emerge victorious in Blackjack, it might be useful to take risks but think in terms of probabilities as well. It might be wise not to stand on a 10 but it will be better to stand on a 17. Even if there are possibilities of getting close to 21, you have better chances of being busted!

Logic in Cards - BlackJack Tips

Blackjack Tip Three: A Little Win Means Everything…

If you are new to Blackjack, it is completely understandable that you wouldn’t want to go overboard with your stakes. You might prefer to wager little since you are thinking of the losses. No one likes the idea of losing everything in one go. That would be a total discouragement for playing Blackjack again. To progress, raise your bet every time you win. This will minimise any losses and if you keep on waiting then you are the star!

Blackjack Tip Four: Say No To Insurance

Fervent Blackjack gurus are always reaffirming that the Insurance Bet on Blackjack should be removed. Why? What is wrong with this one. Well, the insurance bet is placed as a side bet. If the dealer wins a Blackjack, the Insurance pays the player on a 2 to 1 basis. No one is a psychic and mathematicians proclaim that dealers have less than one-third chances of winning a blackjack. As such, Insurance Bets might be a bad idea. Except if you notice a ten on the first card.

Blackjack Tip Five: Check The Rules!

You might be thinking that this point is so out of the question since you know the rules of blackjack by heart. Yet, it is not surprising to see Blackjack emerging with plenty of variations. Each of these adaptations is bringing some modifications when it comes to the rules. Some are adjusting the win ratios and others are considering some gameplay changes. Be sure to check out the rules before playing…

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