How to play BlackJack?

Chasing the terrific total of 21 has never been so fun! We should be thanking the awesome collection of Blackjack classics available at Lucky VIP. Are you new to Blackjack? No need to worry as long as you are at Lucky VIP. All the rules of BlackJack game are reduced into simple sentences onto this page. How about knowing the art of playing Blackjack? It will be totally worth your while!

BlackJack Rules

BlackJack Rules

Why 21-Number Game?

It is as simple as saying 21! Blackjack is known as the twenty-one-number game because the main aim of the game is to reach close to the score 21, without exceeding it. However, be wary! You are playing against the dealer! You will need to get a card score higher than the dealer to win. Scores are determined by the cards that you obtain. How about learning to count cards? Here we go!

Is card counting illegal in the UK?

NO! Card counting is not illegal under British law! This is of course if no external card counting device or person assists you in counting cards. Some casinos do object to the practice though, and try to prevent it. Players who are believed to be counters are banned.

What about online then? If you can count your cards within the given time frame while playing, then go for it! It’s not stated on the paytable or rules that card counting isn’t allowed. Some games even give you the values of the cards:

Blackjack card values:

• Aces: 1 Point or 11 Points.
• Number Two to Ten: Carry their face values as Points.
• Kings, Queens and Jacks: Carry 10 Points.

Confused about the Aces? Well, you choose to set the value of Aces to one point or Eleven points. It all depends on the gap that you have to reach the 21 scores.

The Game Begins… Place Your Bets

Blackjack can entertain one to seven players at the same time. To begin the round, each player will place their bets. The dealer will then deal two cards to each player, including himself/herself. Amongst the two cards dealt with the Dealer, one will be face-up and one face-down. This allows you to have a clue as to how strong the dealer’s hand is. Time for the real action!

How to Play Blackjack – casino rules

The right-most player starts first, followed by a clockwise direction. You will have to make use of the following four key moves when it’s your turn;

• Hit: You take a card.
• Stand: You’re good with what you have, and you end your turn.
• Double Down: You double your bet and take exactly one card. You then end your turn.
• Split: If you happen to have two identical cards, for example, two 7s, you can split your hand into two. You then set a bet for the other hand and take a card. You can stand or hit on each of the hands.

Each player has the right to only one turn. You can hit as much as you want during your turn but once you are done with your turn, that’s it! After the players have attempted their moves, it’s the turn of the dealer. He/she will reveal the face-down card. The dealer must imperatively hit their hand until they have 17 or higher. In the end, those who have scores that are higher than the dealer’s, without exceeding 21 of course, are winners! Those who achieve a total score of 21 without even hitting are said to have a natural hand or Blackjack. As simple as that!

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