The Blackjack game history is more or less blurry. Even today, there is no precise record of where the game started or emerged. Instead, there are accounts of the development of Blackjack until the point it stands today. The one that we recognise! But what do we know about blackjack history?

There is no firm evidence but much scholars consider that Ancient Romans played an obsolete version of Blackjack. Instead of cards, wooden blocks were used. This account is mostly taken into consideration since Romans greatly enjoyed gambling.

History of BlackJack

The first written account of a Blackjack game recognised as the one we play today, dates to the 17th Century. Spanish writer Miguel de Cervantes wrote a narrative story between 1590 and 1612 about two tricksters lining in Seville. The tricksters were depicted as expert cheaters in a game called Ventiuna, Spanish for 21. Such a precise depiction of the game would point to the possibility that people had been playing the 21-number game long before then.

Other historians believe that the Blackjack game that we know today was first played in French casinos in the 17th Century. It was named Vingt-Et-Un, French for 21, and played as an adaptation of Chemin De Fer card game and French Ferme card game.

Blackjack was mainly played in European mainland but after the French Revolution, many fled to various part of the world. They did not carry only their suitcases with them! They took the game of Blackjack with them as well. As such, Blackjack found its way, across the sea, in America!

Fun Blackjack History Facts

  • Did you know that Emperor Napoleon played and enjoyed it more than any other card game? He would play Blackjack for long hours and even host Blackjack parties to have people play with him.
  • The next time you see a deck of blackjack cards, think of it as a calender; There 52 cards in the deck, just as the 52 weeks of a year. There are four suits; four seasons! 12 pictured cards are present, like the 12 months of the year. And there is 13 cards in a suit, standing for the 13 lunar cycles.
  • There’s a recorded evidence of the Biggest Blackjack Win Ever. It was during a tournament in Las Vegas. It is estimated that Bill Kaplan’s MIT Blackjack Team won over $100 millions playing Blackjack!
  • According to professional players, the most powerful card of the Blackjack game is the 5. It is said to affect the deck and hands the most!
  • The proper name of the card game is actually “21” or “Vingt-et-un”. The name Blackjack was only added as a slang in the 1920s. After years, it became the most common name for the game!

The Blackjack That We Know Today!

The game that we all recognise truly began in the United States. When the state of Nevada legalised gambling in 1931, it emerged amidst the casinos of Las Vegas. To entice more players to come and play, the casinos of Las Vegas introduced special rules and modifications to the current ones. One includes the requirement of a Jack of Spades or a Jack of Clubs with an ace. Since clubs and spades are both black suits, the game bore the name Blackjack! Yes, such rules are now gone but the name kept on carrying a legacy!

Soon after its emergence in the land of casinos, it would feature in popular media. Thanks to some unforgettable scenes in films and television, Blackjack proved to be a phenomenon around the world.

Despite the best efforts of many historians, they failed to shed much light on the history of Blackjack. It might be better to rejoice in the present style of the Blackjack game. Numerous variations are building their own style of the game, but the fun is the same. Lucky VIP has joined the league of elite casino sites that feature Blackjack as well. Each carefully chosen to offer entertainment to the fervent punters, make your choice and play. In the 21st Century, spare some moments to wallow in this game, carried forth by the ancestors of our ancestors… After all, they enjoyed Blackjack as well so, why shouldn’t we?